Nagaco - Memorable milestones

* Nam Dinh Garment Joint Stock Company (Nagaco) was established in 1960 under the name Nam Dinh sewing station with the task of sewing garment for officers, soldiers and people.

* In 1965, Nam Dinh sewing station was expanded and developed into Nam Ha Garment Export Enterprise with the main task of producing and processing garment for export.

* In 1970 the factory completely replaced the manual equipment with the industrial machinery marked the beginning of the change of machinery and technology.

* In October 1992 Nam Ha Garment Factory was renamed Nam Dinh Garment Company with the size of about 1500 employees specializing in producing and processing the jacket, shirt and trousers exported to the market. EU, Japan.

* In 2003, Nam Dinh Garment Company expanded its production scale when it established and put into operation Xuan Truong Garment Factory in Xuan Ngoc commune, Xuan Truong district with 500 employees.

* In January 2004, Nam Dinh Garment Company was privatized and named Nam Dinh Garment Joint Stock Company.

* In October 2006, from its former factory at 46 Tran Hung Dao Street, Nam Dinh City, the company moved its factory to Hoa Xa Industrial Park, Nam Dinh City with extensive infrastructure and expanded production capacity.

* In October 2016, the company continued to put into operation a garment factory project in Nam Tien Commune, Nam Truc District, Nam Tien Nam Dinh Joint Stock Company